What are the Terms of Service for Backup Services?

This document (Terms of Service Agreement for Backup Services) amends the Master Service Level Agreement for CIT Hosting Services. In the event of any inconsistencies between the terms of this document and the Master Service Level Agreement for CIT Hosting Services, the Master Service Level Agreement will take precedence.


The services are provided by Wayne State University’s Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) at the Wayne State Computing Center Building located at 5925 Woodward. In the document below, S/C/D’s will refer to the respective school, college, or division.


1.Term of Service


The initial term of this service will be from the date it is executed through the subsequent September 30th.

The service will be renewed automatically for twelve-month periods thereafter unless the S/C/D provides a minimum of one month’s advance notice of termination; or C&IT provides a minimum of 90 days’ notice that the service will no longer be offered.


2.Overview Backup Services

a.C&IT’s Backup Service includes:

- Permits S/C/D to use C&IT’s Enterprise Backup system to backup S/C/D data located on a S/C/D server that is co-located in the C&IT Data Center or uses the C&IT hosted VM environment.

- Provides S/C/D with required Backup system agents to be installed on the S/C/D server(s).

- Backup media space and rotation as described by the relevant Schedule A.


3.C&IT responsibilities include:

a.Configuration of Backup system policies to include the S/C/D’s data for inclusion.

b.Day-to-day operation, management and monitoring of the enterprise Backup system.

c.Management of the Backup media where the data is backed-up including rotation of data as required/defined.

d.Retrieval of requested backup tapes from onsite or offsite storage, generally next business day if the desired tape is offsite.

e.Monitoring of the computer room environment and infrastructure and responding to environmental and computer room incidents including alerting the S/C/D’s designated contact person(s).

f.Providing S/C/D technical support personnel with Backup system reports identifying the success or failure of data backup processes.


4. S/C/D responsibilities include:

a. Adhering of the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

b. Acquiring the appropriate backup service level from C&IT to satisfy the desired data preservation strategy.

c. Installing, configuration and management of the Backup agents on C/S/D servers.

d. Defining the data to be backed-up to the Backup agent.

e. Reviewing the backup system reports to verify that daily processes are completed successfully.

f. Testing data restore processing to assure that backups are effectively backing-up all data as required including the appropriate volumes, system files, open file handling, and databases.

g. Acquiring, through C&IT, any needed special application agent licenses such as database licenses.


5. Change Management and Notification

a. C&IT will abide by its existing change management process for the storage environment, network, backup, computing, and utility infrastructure at the computing center.

b. In general, infrastructure changes will be restricted to C&IT’s scheduled system maintenance periods (i.e. Sunday mornings between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.; and Thursdays between 9a.m. and 6p.m. for the Backup systems), as posted on the tech.wayne.edu website.

c. C&IT will inform S/C/D personnel via email or the C&IT Change Calendar regarding maintenance services that could have an impact on S/C/D’s services and when they are scheduled.


6. Services with Third Parties

a.C&IT will not be bound by any contractual obligations entered into by the S/C/D with any third party without the involvement and consent of C&IT.

b.The S/C/D will not be bound by any contractual obligations entered into by C&IT and any third party without the involvement and consent of the S/C/D.


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