What are the Terms of Service for Storage/File Share Services?

This document (Terms of Service Agreement for File Share Services) amends the Master Service Level Agreement for CIT Hosting Services. In the event of any inconsistencies between the terms of this document and the Master Service Level Agreement for CIT Hosting Services, the Master Service Level Agreement will take precedence.


The services are provided by Wayne State University's Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) at the Wayne State Computing Center Building located at 5925 Woodward. In the document below, S/C/D will refer to the respective school, college, or division.


1. Term of Service

a. The initial term of this service will be from the date it is executed through the subsequent September 30th.

b. The service will be renewed automatically for twelve-month periods thereafter unless the S/C/D provides a minimum of one month advance notice of termination; or C&IT provides a minimum of 90 days notice that the service will no longer be offered.


2. Overview File Share

a. C&IT's File Share Service includes:

- The creation of File Share(s) in C&IT's storage environment.

- Allocation of secured storage space as determined by the Schedule A.
- Remote access to file share(s) is only available via the VPN client. On campus access is available via the wired network or the secured wireless network.
- Backups and/or replication is offered based on the Schedule A.

3. C&IT responsibilities include:

a. Provision network accessible file storage as defined by the Schedule A.
b. Re-creation of S/C/Ds file share(s) in the event of a C&IT-induced hardware or software failure in the storage environment.
c. Provide physical data loss protection through the use of RAID, replication, snapshots, and backups according to the service level agreed to by the Schedule A.
d. Provide high-level share security.
e. Authorize security administration privileges to S/C/D designated individuals.
f. Implement and monitor quotas based on Schedule A requirements.
g. Monitoring of computer room environment and infrastructure and responding to environmental and computer room incidents including alerting the S/C/Ds designated contact person(s).


4. S/C/D responsibilities include:

  a. Adhering of the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

  b. Creates file and folder structure beneath the root share.

  c. The S/C/D will distribute, monitor, and maintain staff accounts necessary to access its file share(s).

  d. Administers security to individual files and folders through user/access permissions.


5. Change Management and Notification

a. C&IT will abide by its existing change management process for the File storage environment, network, computing and utility infrastructure at the computing center.

b. In general, infrastructure changes will be restricted to C&IT's scheduled system maintenance periods (i.e. Sunday mornings between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.), as posted on the tech.wayne.edu website.

c. C&IT will inform S/C/D personnel via email about maintenance services that could have an impact on S/C/Ds services and when they are scheduled.

d. C&IT reserves the right to disconnect from the network any files or shares that are compromising the ongoing production operations of the computing center. C&IT will attempt to notify the designated S/C/D contact(s) and provide a reasonable amount of time to resolve the problem before disconnection is implemented.


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