What restrictions are placed on the use of the WSU-PUBLIC network?

The WSU-PUBLIC wireless network is subject to certain restrictions. The primary uses of this network are web browsing, email and connection to a VPN. A full list of permitted outbound traffic is located below. No unsolicited inbound traffic is permitted.


Users are also rate-limited to 2 Mbps down and 384 kbps up. This limitation is applied to each IP address.


Only outbound traffic permitted:


  • TCP/22 (SSH)
  • TCP/80/443 (HTTP/S)
  • TCP/143/993 (IMAP/S)
  • TCP/110/995 (POP3/POP3S)
  • TCP/465/587 (SMTPS)
  • UDP 500 (IKE)
  • ESP & AH (IPSec Protocols)