What should I know about the C&IT Security Awareness Program?

What is C&IT Security Awareness training?


Computing & Information Technology (C&IT) has developed a suite of training materials dealing with the ever-changing security concerns of the information age. This material helps establish a baseline level of IT security awareness and knowledge that Wayne State University employees can use to help maintain the privacy and security of the University's data and records during the course of their daily business. The information can also be used to protect your personal accounts, computers and data.


Who can take the training?


The C&IT security awareness program is available to all WSU employees.


How can I take the training?


You may select one of three different methods to take your IT Security Awareness training and receive certification.


 1. Take an Advance Placement (AP) Test: If you think that you already have the knowledge and skills to properly identify and react to IT threats, you may take the Advance Placement (AP) Test to prove it and "test out" of any further training. You must score 85 percent on this test for successful certification, and you may only attempt it once per year. If you do not pass, you may choose any of the other options to continue your training. This test takes about 20 minutes to complete.


 2. View the Online Video: View an online training session from C&IT anytime here. This takes roughly one hour to complete.


Why do I have to take the training?


In the course of your work, you have access to restricted and valuable information. It is important that you take the time to gain your cyber security certification because it is essential for you -- and for the entire university -- that you are fully aware of how to keep private information safe. Your manager may require you to take this training as part of your job duties and information owners may restrict access to their data to only those individuals who have taken the training and become certified.


What happens after I take training and get certified?


Once you have passed one of the above training options, it will be recorded by C&IT that you have completed the training, and that you are certified in IT security awareness. You will also be sent a congratulatory letter and a certificate of completion.


Will I have to take this training again?


Staff are welcome to take any of the training options as often as they like in order to stay up-to-date on issues pertaining to IT security. All of our training methods will be updated with refresher material as needed.


How do I know that I completed the training?


As mentioned earlier, you will be sent a certificate and congratulations letter as proof that you have successfully completed one of our training options. Depending on your mode of training, you may know your status ahead of time.


  • If you take and pass the Advance Placement (AP) test, you will see a congratulations message on the screen that you have scored higher than 85 percent.
  • For an online module to be considered completed, all of it's content must be viewed and you must have a passing score for any tests or exercises. To check on the completion status of any of the online modules, click on the Details link for an individual course and then look at the Status indicator -- a filled-in green circle indicates completion.
  • For In-Person seminars, attendance of the session will result in a successful completion.


Can I train and certify my entire department all at once?


Yes. In addition to our public sessions, the Information Security Office can hold dedicated in-person seminar sessions for any division or department that requests it. This can be a great way to fit this important training into the schedule of your department. Please contact us at iso@wayne.edu for more information or to schedule a session.


What if I have suggestions or feedback?


For feedback on the C&IT Security Awareness program, please email the C&IT Information Security Office at iso@wayne.edu.


Where can I find more information?


For more information regarding the C&IT Security Awareness program, as well as additional tips, tricks and job aids to help keep you and your data secure, please visit the C&IT Security Awareness Knowledge Base at tech.wayne.edu/kb/security