What is the WSU VPN?

The Wayne State University Virtual Private Network (VPN) uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol (which provides secure communications on the internet and is found in standard web browsers) to allow access to WSU resources that are blocked by a firewall.


The SSL VPN provides a simple and secure method for accessing WSU resources normally restricted to on-campus use. This includes access to Banner, Cognos ReportNet and Windows file shares, and also relaying email directly through Wayne Connect - Powered by Microsoft (using Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, for example).


The SSL VPN allows your computer to effectively and securely become part of the WSU network regardless of its location.


C&IT recommends accessing the VPN via the **Pulse Secure** client. Learn how to download Pulse Secure on your computer or mobile device and get started with the WSU VPN at https://tech.wayne.edu/kb/security/security/830.