How do I add a speed dial to my VoIP phone?

Speed dial allows you to quickly call frequently used phone numbers. Follow the steps below to add speed dial contacts to your VoIP handset.

  1. Press the option button (shaped like a gear).

  2. Using the down arrow, scroll to Preferences. Click to the right, then scroll down to Speed Dial Edit. Click the right arrow again to enter speed dial preferences.

  3. Choose a number button for your speed dial (0-9). This is the button you'll use to activate this speed dial entry.

  4. Enter the phone number you will be speed dialing. For example, you might enter 313-577-4357 to speed dial the C&IT Help Desk.
  5. Press the right arrow to save. You may customize which phone line is used for this speed dial. Press the right arrow once more to finalize.
  6. To use your speed dial, hold the programmed button down for three seconds.