[VoIP] How do I schedule a telephone or circuit repair?

Telephone or circuit repairs are available for all schools, colleges and departments through the Telecommunications department. 

Most Wayne State University telephone and/or circuit repairs are free of charge, but a fee will be applied if a circuit repair technician is dispatched. 

Follow the steps below to schedule a telephone or circuit repair. 

  • Call the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357 and have the following information ready to expedite the process: 
    • Telephone number of the problem line and the type of telephone. If the line is a special circuit the circuit ID Number is required for reporting. 
    • Building and room number. 
    • Name and telephone number of the employee the repair technician should contact. 
    • A brief description of the malfunction (be as specific as possible). 
    • Please specify if and when the problem has been previously reported.