How do I add, change or cancel my telephone service?

Service Requests for both Voice (telephone) and Data (network access) are submitted using a Telephone Service Request (TSR) Form. Some requests require approval from a dean or division head. Work is typically completed within five business days.


Find your service in one of the two categories below.


Approval required


The following requests require approval from a dean or division head. Follow the instructions below to request these services.


Add Service

New phone equipment, phone line, or jack

Change Service

Upgrade/downgrade phone equipment or line

Move Service

Relocate to a new office or building

Account Number Change

Change account number for telephone billing


For these services to be processed, you must:


  1. Complete the appropriate form above, select Continue, then print the TSR form from the resulting web page
  2. Obtain the Dean/Division Head signature
  3. Scan the signed form and email it as a PDF attachment to
  4. Signed School of Medicine forms must be emailed to []( for approval before sending to C&IT.


Approval not required


The following requests may be submitted online instantly by any eligible employee.



Request dedicated 800 conference service

Data Activation

Activate an existing data/network jack

Remove service

Disconnect phone line

Online phone bill access request

Add or change recipient information for phone bill

Phone feature change

Add or delete phone features (ex. caller ID)

Project estimate

Request quote for planned construction

Voicemail service

Add or delete a mailbox, reset PIN


More info


Contact the C&IT Help Desk for assistance.