How do I add, change or cancel my telephone service?

Service Requests for both Voice (telephone) and Data (network access) are submitted using a Telephone Service Request (TSR) Form. Some requests require approval from a dean or division head. Work is typically completed within five business days.


Find your service in one of the two categories below.


Approval required


The following requests require approval from a dean or division head. Follow the instructions below to request these services.


Add Service

New phone equipment, phone line, or jack

Change Service

Upgrade/downgrade phone equipment or line

Move Service

Relocate to a new office or building

Account Number Change

Change account number for telephone billing


For these services to be processed, you must:


  1. Complete the appropriate form above, select Continue, then print the TSR form from the resulting web page
  2. Obtain the Dean/Division Head signature
  3. Scan the signed form and email it as a PDF attachment to
  4. Signed School of Medicine forms must be emailed to []( for approval before sending to C&IT.


Approval not required


The following requests may be submitted online instantly by any eligible employee.



Request dedicated 800 conference service

Data Activation

Activate an existing data/network jack

Delete a Service

Disconnect phone line

Online Phone Bill Access

Add or change recipient information for phone bill

Phone Feature Change

Add or delete phone features (ex. caller ID)

Project Initiation/Cost Estimate

Request quote for planned construction

Voicemail Service

Add or delete a mailbox, reset PIN


More info


Contact the C&IT Help Desk for assistance.