Manage alternate voicemail greetings

If calling from within the university system:

  • Press 4 to change your mailbox extended away greeting
  • Press 1 to activate extended away greeting.
  • Press 3 to record a new extended away greeting.
  • Press 4 to play the current greeting.
  • Press * to return to the previous menu.

To de-activate an Extended Away greeting when it is active, follow the steps above and press 2 when prompted.

If calling from outside the university:

  1. Dial the voicemail system: 313-577-4747.
  2. Enter your 5-digit extension.
  3. Enter your passcode using the keypad on your phone and press #.
  • Press 1 to access your voicemail box.
  • Press 4 to change your Extended Away greeting.
  • Press 1 to activate an Extended Away greeting.
  • Press 3 to record a new greeting.