How do I access my Wayne State voicemail off campus?

Follow the directions below to remotely access your Wayne State voicemail.

There are two ways to access your voicemail via telephone. Both operate the same, but the first method (dialing your own number) does not work for users with Extended Away turned on, which by default turns off receiving voicemail messages; Users with this feature turned on will not receive messages in their mailbox unless they change their settings to accept messages.

Method one

  1. Dial your Wayne State telephone number.
  2. Press * when you hear the menu prompt.

Method two

  1. Dial the voicemail system at 313-577-4747.
  2. Enter your five-digit extension (7-XXXX) when you hear the menu prompt.
  3. Enter your passcode.
  4. Press #.
  5. Make the appropriate selection for the feature you wish to access:
    • Press 1 to access your voicemail box.
    • Press 2 to change your Busy Greeting.
    • Press 3 to change No Answer Greeting.
    • Press 4 to change Extended Away Greeting.

Please note that these dial-in options will not work for users who have configured their lines to forward voicemail messages to email only; this feature does not store message files on the platform.