What faculty resources are available for Canvas?

Faculty have access to a variety of resources to learn new tips, tricks, and features of Canvas.

Canvas Warrior Course Guide

The Canvas Warrior Course Guide provides a ready, how-to document right at your fingertips. Save it on your computer or print it and keep it in your office for Canvas tips on the go.

Faculty Resources Course

The Faculty Resources Course was developed and continues to evolve as a resource for faculty as they become more familiar with the unique aspects of our learning management system (LMS):  Canvas.  

We encourage faculty to enroll in this course in order to become familiar with the various tools and technologies used in Canvas. There are also contributions made by WSU faculty colleagues about discoveries made during their experiences with the LMS.

Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL)

Please visit the OTL Online Resources Canvas course for online training courses related to using Canvas in your classroom.  In addition, the OTL has an extensive professional development catalog.  To learn more, please visit the Events page in Academica.