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Qualtrics CoreXM Survey Software is a feature-rich and web-based survey tool that all Wayne State students, faculty, and staff can use to build, distribute and analyze surveys and forms. You can also collaborate directly within Qualtrics when working on team-based projects.

  • Create simple or complex surveys that include embedded video, audio, and graphics.
  • Use survey and question templates from the Qualtrics Library.
  • Design survey flow with Branch Logic, Display Logic, and Skip Logic functions.
  • Post links to the survey on social media, or email and track invitations to a target audience. Delivery via SMS text message is available on request.
  • Surveys can be completed from virtually any mobile or computing device.
  • Respondents can upload files and complete surveys from virtually any mobile or computing device.
  • Use the built-in report writer, or export results to SPSS, CSV, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Access Qualtrics from your web browser, no software to download and install.

Using Qualtrics at Wayne State

  • Use the link in Academica > University Resources> Qualtrics Survey Tool. Or log in with your AccessID and password at waynestate.qualtrics.com.
  • Review the Wayne State Qualtrics Appropriate Use Guidelines ay https://tech.wayne.edu/docs/wayne_state_university_qualtrics_guidelines.pdf.
  • Must be an enrolled student, or faculty/staff with an active assignment.
    • One of three account levels is automatically assigned based on your current Wayne State role. Review account levels at tech.wayne.edu/kb/academic-services/qualtrics/282556.
    • Contractor employees, guests, and affiliates need a letter of support from Wayne State faculty or staff.
  • Surveys must be owned by a person, not by a GroupID.
  • The current Wayne State license agreement is effective until Sept. 30, 2023.

Training and support


  • What are the Qualtrics user types?

    Wayne State University has established three levels of Qualtrics users. As normal practice, students are assigned to Level 1, non-faculty employees are assigned to Level 2, and faculty are assigned to Level 3. Level 1: 25 active surveys, 500 question...

  • What is Qualtrics?

    Qualtrics CoreXM Survey Software is a feature-rich and web-based survey tool that all Wayne State students, faculty, and staff can use to build, distribute and analyze surveys and forms. You can also collaborate directly within Qualtrics when working...

  • How do I create an account for Qualtrics?

    Qualtrics accounts are available to current Wayne State students, faculty, and staff with an active AccessID. Please note that Guest AccessIDs have limited access to WSU Qualtrics, and Group AccessIDs cannot be used to create WSU Qualtrics accounts. ...

  • How do I collaborate with another Qualtrics user outside of Wayne State?

    Wayne State University users may collaborate with another Qualtrics user at another organization if both users have permissions to allow collaboration outside of their organization. Follow the steps below to collaborate on or share a survey with a no...

  • How do I collaborate with another Qualtrics user within Wayne State?

    Users may collaborate on a survey with others within Wayne State University who have a Qualtrics account. Follow the steps below to collaborate on or share a survey with another WSU user in Qualtrics Insight. The other user must already have a Qualtr...

  • How do I send a Qualtrics survey from my @wayne.edu email address?

    Your Wayne State Qualtrics account allows you to distribute survey invitations to a Contact List as if the invitations came from a Wayne State University email address. Using a recognizable Wayne State email address—like yours or yo...

  • What is the Qualtrics API and how do I use it?

    The Qualtrics Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to automate repetitive processes within the application. API can be used to automate accounts and contact lists, and to move information in and out of Qualtrics. Learn more about the Qu...

  • How do I add user authentication to a Qualtrics survey?

    If all of your survey respondents have Wayne State AccessIDs, you can protect against typos in the respondent email address submissions by using the Qualtrics SSO Authenticator.The SSO Authenticator asks the respondent to log in to a survey using the...

  • How is my Qualtrics data backed up and how is it kept secure?

    Qualtrics CoreXM Survey Software is an online subscription service. Survey data is maintained by Qualtrics, not by Wayne State University. Qualtrics securely backs up both surveys and responses. For more info, read the Qualtrics security statement at...

  • How do I use the File Upload feature in Qualtrics?

    The Qualtrics File Upload feature allows respondents to upload a file along with their survey response. This question type allows surveyors to collect data that may not be available through standard surveying, like collecting resumes and other import...

  • What is the Qualtrics Product Roadmap?

    The Qualtrics Product Roadmap displays all of the features currently being planned or developed by Qualtrics. It includes a history of product updates, and a link where you can suggest new features. Find the Product Roadmap at qualtrics.com/product-r...

  • What do I do if I get an error message in Qualtrics?

    If you receive an error message when logging in to Qualtrics, check the Qualtrics Application Status Page at qualtrics.com/status to confirm whether the error is a system wide outage. Wayne State's Qualtrics service is hosted in the AZ1 region. If yo...

  • How do I transfer an existing Qualtrics account?

    If you have a Qualtrics account that is associated with a different institution and you can still access that account, you can transfer your surveys to a Wayne State Qualtrics account: 1. Visit waynestate.qualtrics.com. 2. Enter your WSU AccessID an...

  • I just received a survey from qualtrics.surveys@wayne.edu, is it legitimate?

    Survey invitations generated by Wayne State University's Qualtrics accounts come from qualtrics.surveys@wayne.edu by default. This is a static email address and emails sent from it are secure and may be trusted. Better yet, you can use your @wayne.e...

  • What is a Qualtrics User Group?

    You may wish to use a Qualtrics User Group if you regularly collaborate with the same set of users. Create a group using this form. User Group featuresShare a Contact List with a groupShare message drafts, graphics and other library itemsGroup member...

  • How do I share library items with a Qualtrics group?

    Once an administrator has created your Qualtrics Group, you may create, copy or move items into the Group Library. Follow the steps below to share library items within the Qualtrics Research Suite. How to copy an Invitation Message to a Group Library...

  • How can I distribute Qualtrics survey invitations?

    There are two basic methods to distribute survey invitations with Qualtrics: Method #1: using the Qualtrics mailer to reach a specific group of individuals via email or text message. Using this method, you can track each invitation's completion stat...

  • How can I contact Qualtrics support?

    Qualtrics offers three ways to get product support: through chat, email, or a phone call.

  • What is the Qualtrics Offline App and how do I use it?

    The Qualtrics Offline App allows you to administer surveys on location with a mobile device without an internet connection. When you use the offline app, information is collected on your device and then is later upload to Qualtrics when you reconnect...