Qualtrics Core XM is a feature-rich tool used to create, distribute, and analyze surveys.

Essential features of Qualtrics

  • Access from your web browser—no software to download and install.
  • Create simple or complex surveys that include embedded video, audio, and graphics.
  • Use survey and question templates from the Qualtrics Library.
  • Design survey flow with Branch Logic, Display Logic and Skip Logic functions.
  • Email or SMS text messaging is used to deliver and track survey invitations to a target audience. Or reach a broad audience by posting on a social media account.
  • Respondents can complete surveys from virtually any mobile or computing device.
  • Use the built-in report writer to email or publish results on the web.
  • Export results to SPSS, CSV, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Collaborate directly within Qualtrics when working with a team on survey projects.

Using Qualtrics at Wayne State

Creating a WSU Qualtrics account

  • Enrolled students and faculty/staff members with an active assignment can simply log in to create a WSU Qualtrics account:
    • Either use the link in Academica > University Resources > Qualtrics Survey Tool.
    • Or log in with your AccessID and password at waynestate.qualtrics.com
  • Affiliates (contractors, guests, DMC residents, etc.) can use a WSU Qualtrics account only if a sponsoring faculty or staff member completes a Special Access request form with a valid business reason.
  • Qualtrics accounts are portable between organizations. So, if you used Qualtrics at a different organization, your survey projects and data can be moved to WSU Qualtrics (and vice versa):
    • You can ask the Qualtrics Support team to perform a User Move of your account. This requires approval from both organizations. The process is typically completed 2-3 weeks after approval.  
    • Alternatively, if you have access to both Qualtrics accounts and your surveys are not actively collecting responses, you can use the Manual Move process to download your surveys and associated data and then upload it to your new Qualtrics account. The advantage of Manual Move is that you are in control of the timeline. However, it can be tedious if there are many surveys and datasets to be moved.
  • Good to know if you are creating a survey project on behalf of someone else at WSU:

Training and support

  • The Qualtrics support website has extensive online documentation and instructional videos.
  • Qualtrics Core XM Basecamp offers free on-demand training.
  • Qualtrics posts system status information online.
  • Personal support is available:
    • The Qualtrics Support team offers expert help 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Fill out a request form and they will contact you via email, chat, or phone call. Note that chat support has limited hours.
    • C&IT Knowledge Base articles (see below) cover Qualtrics support topics that are specific to Wayne State.
    • If you cannot sign in to WSU Qualtrics, either call the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357 or fill out a request form.
  • Faculty, researchers, and graduate students can get in-depth advice for the design of research projects and the statistical analysis of data from Wayne State’s Research Design and Analysis Consulting services.
  • Administrative staff can get similar help from the Center for Urban Studies. Contact the CUS directors to discuss your needs.


  • How can I get feedback on the quality of my survey?

    There are several different ways to get feedback about the quality of the Qualtrics survey that you are working on. Read this short article to find out more.

  • How can I protect my survey from getting duplicate or fraudulent responses?

    Qualtrics has security options and other features that minimize the chances of getting invalid responses to your survey. Read this short article to learn more!

  • What are the Features of WSU Qualtrics?

    Qualtrics offers a wide range of features and specialized products with its online survey software. Read this short article to learn more about exactly what is included in Wayne State’s license agreement.

  • How can I distribute Qualtrics survey invitations?

    There are two different approaches to promoting your Qualtrics survey to your target audience. Read this short article to learn which approach best meets your needs plus find out some good things to know about getting humans to respond to your survey.

  • How can I contact Qualtrics support?

    If you need technical assistance with any aspect of this survey software, you can work directly with experts at Qualtrics. With your permission they can screen share with you to see exactly what is going on. Just follow the steps in this short article to contact the Qualtrics support team.

  • Using Digital Gift Card incentives with Qualtrics

    Offering an incentive to respondents can help boost the response rate for your survey but managing the giveaway can be a headache. If you can fund gift cards as an incentive, Qualtrics has an integrated approach to administering such a program. Learn more by reading this short article!

  • Creating and using a Qualtrics User Group

    Are you working with a team on several different Qualtrics survey projects? If so, setting up a Qualtrics User Group helps the team keep their work in sync.

  • How to configure your Qualtrics survey to require respondents to login with their AccessID?

    If your target audience is strictly Wayne State students, faculty or staff, you can ensure that respondents are authorized to take your survey by using the SSO Authenticator. Just follow the simple steps in this article.