Using Digital Gift Card incentives with Qualtrics

Incentives can be a great way to increase the response rate for your survey, but administering an incentives program can be a headache. The Qualtrics-Tango Card integration feature lets you use Tango's Rewards Genius portal to efficiently manage the distribution of digital gift cards to respondents that complete your survey.

Good to know:

  • Scammers actively seek out digital incentive offers. To protect against financial loss and fraudulent responses when integrating digital gift card incentives with your Qualtrics survey, it is strongly recommended to:
  • Access to the Qualtrics-Tango integration feature is restricted.
  • While there is no cost from Qualtrics to use the Tango Card integration feature, you have responsibility for the funding source of the digital gift cards.
  • The WSU ProCard is one way to connect your Rewards Genius portal account with a Wayne State funding source. However, you will need an exception to policy to use a ProCard to buy gift cards. At a minimum, the WSU ProCard team needs a Gift Card Purchase Certification form.
  • Your college's Business Affairs Officer may have other requirements, so be sure to check with them before proceeding.

Wayne State's Qualtrics support team will activate the Tango integration on a by-request basis. You'll need to acknowledge that you are responsible for funding the gift cards. To get started, fill out the request form; the team will respond to your request within one business day.