Canvas is Wayne State's online learning management system. Students can take quizzes, upload assignments, participate in message boards and more. Free mobile apps for teachers and students are available.

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  • What faculty resources are available for Canvas?

    Faculty have access to a variety of resources to learn new tips, tricks, and features of Canvas.

  • How do I create a link in Canvas course menu?

    The Redirect Tool app in Canvas can help you create links to external web resources (a research database, a YouTube playlist) that show up as navigation items on the left-hand side of your course page. How to add a Redirect Tool link to the navigatio...

  • Canvas Assignment: Set-Up Uni-Check

    Create a new Assignment.Scroll down to Submission Type >> select Online >> Under online Entry Options select File Uploads.Scroll down to Plagiarism Review and select Unicheck.Click Save & Publish at the bottom of the page.

  • Canvas: Setting up Big Blue Button

    Follow the steps below to set-up Big Blue Button in Canvas. 1. Create a Conference by clicking Conferences in the navigation panel. 2. Click +Conference. 3. Fill in the Name and Duration fields, and select BigBlueButton in the Type dropdown....

  • Faculty Canvas FAQs

    In addition to the LMS Support team and the Office for Teaching & Learning, everyone at Wayne State University has access to the Canvas Guides at Canvas Guides provide documentation for a...

  • What course tools can faculty use in Canvas?

    Every Canvas course contains a Course Tools link located in the course navigation menu. These tools contain custom Canvas functions that simplify administrative tasks.

  • How do I crosslist a course in Canvas?

    Crosslisting your courses allows you to merge multiple courses into a single Canvas course shell.

  • How can I view all discussion board responses on one page?

    The Discussion Post Aggregator collects and displays all discussion board responses on one page

  • How do I restore deleted items?

    Use this tool to view a list of recently deleted items and restore them to your course.