How do I upload a test, survey or pool to Canvas using Respondus?

If you have not used Respondus test builder software in over a year, you will need to update your version with the newest licensing information. This can be found in Canvas, in Help -> Faculty Resources -> Downloads.

Follow the steps below to upload a graded quiz or question bank to Canvas using Respondus.

Directly upload your assessment to Canvas

  1. Open Respondus (after patching Respondus your Current Personality should read Canvas).
  2. Click the Open button to open a file then choose the file you wish to upload to Canvas.
  3. Click the Preview & Publish tab.
  4. Click the Publish to Canvas button (located on the left side).
  5. Click the Publish Wizard button to run the wizard.
  6. In section 1, choose Publish to single course.
  7. In section 2, select add new server (if you already have a Canvas server setup skip to step 13).
  8. Select Yes, check for preconfigured server settings, then click Next.
  9. Enter a name to describe this Canvas server (e.g. My Canvas Courses).
  10. Enter your login information for this Canvas server, then click Next.
  11. Wait for Connection to be completed, then click Next.
  12. Click Finish to return to the Publish Wizard.
  13. Select Canvas Server and click Next.
  14. Select course under Choose Course to publish to.
  15. Select a choice under Create or Replace.
  16. Click Next.
  17. Wait for upload to be completed then click Finish.