How do I start a Microsoft Teams Meetings in Canvas?

The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI allows customers with Microsoft accounts to create conference calls (meetings) using the Microsoft Teams integration with Canvas. This integration can be used in many areas that support the Canvas Rich Content Editor, including Assignments, Discussions, Pages,Classic Quizzes, and the Calendar.

Open Microsoft Teams Meeting

To get started, click the Microsoft Teams Meetings icon located on the Rich Content Editor. You may need to click the More Options caret (V) on the toolbar to select this feature.

Sign in to your Wayne State account

When Microsoft Teams Meetings is opened from the Rich Content Editor, you may be prompted to sign in to your Wayne State account by clicking the Sign in button. You can then create a conference link by clicking the Create meeting link button.

Create a Microsoft Teams Meeting

To create a MS Teams meeting, enter a name for the meeting in the Name field. If desired, select a meeting start date and time and end date and time. The date and time fields are not required. To create the meeting link, click the Create button.

View Microsoft Teams Meetings

The Microsoft Teams Meetings conference link will display in the area where it was added to Canvas.

When students click the link, they will have the option to join as a student or a guest, depending on the school settings. School settings may allow guest users to join the session unauthenticated.


  • The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI can be viewed in the New or Classic Rich Content Editor.
  • The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI will only display for events created in course calendars. Personal calendars are not supported.
  • The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI will not display in the Rich Content Editor for New Quizzes.

Microsoft Teams Resources: