Blackboard Data FAQ

I taught courses in Blackboard. What happened to my course content?

All course content in Blackboard from January 2015-August 2018 were transferred to Canvas. You can access these courses by logging into Canvas and clicking Courses in the menu on the left. Then, choose All Courses. Note: These courses do not include student data.

I taught courses in Blackboard. What happened to my student's data, such as grades and assignments?

It is not possible to transfer student data between Blackboard and Canvas. No student data was transitioned to Canvas. Assignment and grade data was maintained for three years per C&IT's data retention policy.

I stored files in my user account in Blackboard. Can I access them?

Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve these files.

How long can I access course exports from Blackboard?

Blackboard legacy data (before 2015) will remain available until August 31, 2021. After that time, WSU will no longer store copies of legacy course material.