• What is Camtasia and who can use it?

    Camtasia is a software suite that allows users to create video, audio, and other multimedia recordings via screencasting or direct recording using both Microsoft and macOS devices. Wayne State has a Camtasia license that is available to select facult...


  • How do I integrate Microsoft Teams into a Canvas course?

    Microsoft Teams is now integrated with Canvas, allowing users to access class teams within their Canvas course. The following features are included with the integration:

  • FAQs about Respondus LockDown Browser

    Software that students use to securely take an exam or quiz. The test taker cannot open a new tab, print, or search while taking an exam using Respondus LockDown Browser. Students download the LockDown Browser software, launch it and then login to access Canvas and take the exam.

  • How does an instructor enable Respondus Lockdown Browser on an assessment?

    Canvas instructors can follow the steps below to enable Respondus Lockdown Browser on an assessment.In the Navigation Panel click LockDown Browser.Click the drop-down arrow to the left of the assessment name.Click Settings.Under LockDown Browser Sett...

  • Canvas Assignment: Set-Up Uni-Check

    Create a new Assignment.Scroll down to Submission Type >> select Online >> Under online Entry Options select File Uploads.Scroll down to Plagiarism Review and select Unicheck.Click Save & Publish at the bottom of the page.

  • What faculty resources are available for Canvas?

    Faculty have access to a variety of resources to learn new tips, tricks, and features of Canvas.

  • What course tools can faculty use in Canvas?

    Every Canvas course contains a Course Tools link located in the course navigation menu. These tools contain custom Canvas functions that simplify administrative tasks.

  • How do I crosslist a course in Canvas?

    Crosslisting your courses allows you to merge multiple courses into a single Canvas course shell.

  • How do I create a link in Canvas course menu?

    The Redirect Tool app in Canvas can help you create links to external web resources (a research database, a YouTube playlist) that show up as navigation items on the left-hand side of your course page. How to add a Redirect Tool link to the navigatio...

  • How do I upload a test, survey or pool to Canvas using Respondus?

    If you have not used Respondus test builder software in over a year, you will need to update your version with the newest licensing information. This can be found in Canvas, in Help -> Faculty Resources -> Downloads.Follow the steps below to up...

  • How to rename courses

    Course names can be changed through the Course Tools function in Canvas. Follow the steps below to learn how to change the course name on Canvas.

  • How to view and download course roster

    The View/Download Course Roster option is available for instructors wanting to see the class list or email students before (or after) the course is published.

  • How to search course content in Canvas

    The Search Course Content option allows instructors to quickly search and find specific content within their course such as quizzes, assignments, etc.

  • How to build course links

    Using the Build Course Links tool, you can create an index page for your course content as shown in the following article. Note: Note that the Course Tools option must be enabled in the course navigation menu before proceeding. Below are the steps f...

  • What are New Quizzes in Canvas and how do I use them?

    New Quizzes is a new quiz engine available in Canvas alongside classic quizzes. Quizzes created with New Quizzes have increased functionality, including more question types like hotspot, categorization, matching, and ordering, as well as more moderat...

  • Faculty Canvas FAQs

    In addition to the LMS Support team and the Office for Teaching & Learning, everyone at Wayne State University has access to the Canvas Guides at Guides provide documentation for all of the...

  • How can I view all discussion board responses on one page?

    The Discussion Post Aggregator collects and displays all discussion board responses on one page

  • How do I restore deleted items?

    Use this tool to view a list of recently deleted items and restore them to your course.

  • Canvas guide for students

    This guide will provide links to Canvas support articles for students.

  • How do I start a Microsoft Teams Meetings in Canvas?

    The Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI allows customers with Microsoft accounts to create conference calls (meetings) using the Microsoft Teams integration with Canvas.

  • How do I access Canvas?

    Follow these steps to access Canvas from your web browser and mobile device.

  • How can I change what courses appear on my Canvas dashboard?

    You can change what courses appear on your Canvas dashboard by setting them as your Favorites.

  • How do I access new quizzes in Canvas with the Lockdown Browser? [workaround]

    Follow the instructions below to access New Quizzes in the Lockdown Browser. These instructions are for students; instructors do not need to make changes to the quiz. 1. Log in at with your AccessID and password on Chrom...

  • Blackboard Data FAQ

    I taught courses in Blackboard. What happened to my course content?All course content in Blackboard from January 2015-August 2018 were transferred to Canvas. You can access these courses by logging into Canvas and clicking Courses in the menu on the ...

Course Information Matrix

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  • How do I connect my ORCID ID to Wayne State?

    ORCID is an independent non-profit organization that provides a persistent identifier, an ORCID iD, that distinguishes you from other researchers and a mechanism for linking your research outputs and activities to your iD. ORCID is integrated into ma...


  • How can I get feedback on the quality of my survey?

    There are several different ways to get feedback about the quality of the Qualtrics survey that you are working on. Read this short article to find out more.

  • How can I protect my survey from getting duplicate or fraudulent responses?

    Qualtrics has security options and other features that minimize the chances of getting invalid responses to your survey. Read this short article to learn more!

  • What are the Features of WSU Qualtrics?

    Qualtrics offers a wide range of features and specialized products with its online survey software. Read this short article to learn more about exactly what is included in Wayne State’s license agreement.

  • How can I distribute Qualtrics survey invitations?

    There are two different approaches to promoting your Qualtrics survey to your target audience. Read this short article to learn which approach best meets your needs plus find out some good things to know about getting humans to respond to your survey.

  • How can I contact Qualtrics support?

    If you need technical assistance with any aspect of this survey software, you can work directly with experts at Qualtrics. With your permission they can screen share with you to see exactly what is going on. Just follow the steps in this short article to contact the Qualtrics support team.

  • Using Digital Gift Card incentives with Qualtrics

    Offering an incentive to respondents can help boost the response rate for your survey but managing the giveaway can be a headache. If you can fund gift cards as an incentive, Qualtrics has an integrated approach to administering such a program. Learn more by reading this short article!

  • Creating and using a Qualtrics User Group

    Are you working with a team on several different Qualtrics survey projects? If so, setting up a Qualtrics User Group helps the team keep their work in sync.

  • How to configure your Qualtrics survey to require respondents to login with their AccessID?

    If your target audience is strictly Wayne State students, faculty or staff, you can ensure that respondents are authorized to take your survey by using the SSO Authenticator. Just follow the simple steps in this article.

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