How do I upload media to the Echo360 content server?

You can upload audio, video or presentation files to theEcho360 content server and publish them to your course or share them with another user. Here are the steps you will need to take to enable Echo360 in your Canvas course and upload files to your content library.

To request Echo360 in your course, visit

Upload a file to yourEcho360 Content Library

Note: The file(s)you upload must be formatted as .MP3, .MP4, .PPT, or one of the other Supported Content Formats, or it will not be uploaded or processed.

1. Log in to Echo360 ( using your AccessID email address (e.g.,

2. Click the Upload button in the left navigation pane.


3. Use the location options on the left to identify where the file you want to upload is saved.


4. Click the icon in the center of the screen to select the file(s) you want to upload. You may select multiple files for upload, using the shift select or ctrl/command select functionality. You may also drag and drop, or copy and paste multiple files to the FileStack window.

5. Click Upload.The FileStack window changes to provide an upload progress bar. The window will close when the upload is complete.

6. The newly uploaded file(s) will appear on your My Content page but will be dimmed while it is processed. You may need to refresh the page to see the newly uploaded file.

NOTE: Closing the FileStack window before upload(s) complete will cancel the upload. Do not do this unless you want to cancel the upload.

You are now ready to share recordings or presentation files with a course or specific individuals.

For assistance with uploading content, please contact