How can I get feedback on the quality of my survey?

It is critically important to get feedback about your survey before you start gathering responses. Here are several ways that you can get feedback:

  • The built-in Expert Review feature of the survey editor shows detailed recommendations that can improve the response quality of your research project.
  • Use the Preview Survey feature. Your survey will open in a new browser window, along with a mobile browser view. You can navigate through your survey just as a respondent would.
    • Copy the web page address and share it with your colleagues; they do not need to have a WSU Qualtrics account.
    • Anyone can use the Restart Survey button to complete multiple preview surveys.
    • The responses are flagged as preview and can be easily removed.
  • If your colleagues are unfamiliar with Qualtrics, just share the draft survey as either a PDF or a Word doc and they can supply feedback on question types and formatting.
  • A survey owner can use the Qualtrics Collaborate feature to share access to the survey with colleagues that already have a working Qualtrics account.
    • Optional security settings are available to control your colleague's level of access to the survey.
    • Colleagues with proper Collaboration permissions can make changes to the questions, sequence, branch logic, etc.
    • Qualtrics maintains a version history of the survey, which allows collaborators to save and restore some (but not all) changes made to the survey.
    • Teamwork and good communication between collaborators is essential for success!