Using Zoom in Canvas courses for faculty

C&IT has added Zoom integration to Canvas, making it easier for faculty to schedule and host class meetings online.

Note: Before following these steps, you must activate your WSU Zoom account. Please refer to these steps for more detailed information:

Access Zoom from Canvas

  1. Go to your Canvas course and click the Zoom link from the course navigation menu.
  2. You may be asked to authorize Zoom the first time you use the tool. Click Authorize and log in to continue. The landing page shows information on upcoming and previous meetings.


Schedule a Meeting

Zoom Meetings can be scheduled from within a Canvas Course.

Note: Some limitations exist when creating a Zoom meeting through Canvas. If you need access to breakout rooms or polling features, create your meeting following the steps below, then go to to edit your meeting.

  1. Click the Zoom link from the course menu. If you do not see the Zoom link, use your Course Settings to enable the link from the Navigation tab.
  2. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button to access the Schedule a Meeting page. Fill out the fields to select the meeting settings.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the form to save your settings.

Start a Meeting

Faculty who have a WSU Zoom account can click the Start button to launch a scheduled meeting.


Delete a Meeting

The instructor (or creator of the meeting) can use these steps to delete a Zoom meeting created from Canvas.

  1. Click the Delete button next to the meeting to be deleted.
  2. Click OK in the pop-up dialog to confirm that the meeting is to be deleted.

Notes on using Zoom in Canvas

    • The Zoom link is included on the Canvas course menu.
    • Scheduled meetings immediately show up in the Zoom app and online at
    • Students receive an automatic notification when a meeting is scheduled.
      • Course instructors will initially only see course meetings on the Zoom tab.
        • Click All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings to see non-course meetings.
      • Some limitations exist in Canvas vs. logging in at
        • No access to Breakout Rooms and Polling in Canvas
          • Create your meeting from Canvas first.
          • Next, edit the meeting from to setup Breakout Rooms and/or Polling.
    • Selecting Start meeting triggers the Zoom app to open.