How can I prevent Zoom from recording meetings with confidential information?

If you are hosting an online meeting where confidential information such as student records or health care data is being discussed, you must protect the privacy of individuals by turning off all of the recording features within Zoom.

Important considerations:

  • The recording settings will apply to all meetings that you host with your Zoom account. If you need to record a specific Zoom meeting, just reverse the settings.
  • Deactivating Zoom's recording features cannot prevent a participant from recording the meeting using a smartphone or third-party software.
  • Ensure all meeting participants are aware that both behavior and technology can affect the privacy of confidential health care and academic information.

Follow the steps below to turn off Zoom's recording capabilities in meetings that you host:

1. Log in to your Zoom account at

2. Click Settings. Under the Meeting tab, click In Meeting (Basic).


3. Toggle Chat to off. (The button will become grey, and you will see a notice that your change has been saved). This will automatically disable all chat functions.


4. Click the Recording tab.


5. Turn off the following settings:

  • Toggle Local recordings to off. (The button will look grey.)
  • Toggle Cloud recording to off. (The button will look grey.)
  • This will disable all other recording settings, including automated transcript.