How can I request Echo360 for my lectures?

All faculty can request access to Echo360 in their courses. You can choose either:

  • Classroom Capture: Schedule automated recordings for courses you're teaching in a classroom that is equipped with Echo360 technology, at the date/time listed in the official course schedule.
  • Universal Capture: (previously Personal/”PCAP”) Create your own recordings by installing Echo Universal Capture software on your own device; this form creates a repository on the Echo server to host your recordings, and allows you to link that content to your Canvas course.

You can request Echo360 directly in your Canvas course. To get started, login to your Canvas course and click “Course Tools” in the Course Menu. Then, choose Echo360 setup and follow the on-screen prompts. Please note that non-term courses are not compatible with this process. For assistance with Echo360 in non-term courses, please contact

For more information about Echo360, click here: