How can I request Echo360 for my lectures?

The Echo360 lecture capture platform allows instructors to capture teaching materials, speeches and other events using Echo360 recording technology. Recordings can feature audio, video and presentation visuals and may be published to Canvas for review by students.

If you do not already have Echo360 enabled for your current Canvas course, follow the steps below to submit an Echo360 Setup request.

1. Log in to Canvas ( and enter the course for which you would like to create an Echo360 section.

2. Click Course Tools in the course navigation menu.

3. Click Echo360 Setupand follow the screen prompts identifying your capture preferences.

4. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions authorizing Wayne State to record and store your lectures.

5. Click Submit Request.

The section is now linked to your Echo360 Course Library via the Echo360 Recordings link in the Canvas course navigation menu.