How do I add user authentication to a Qualtrics survey?

If all of your survey respondents have Wayne State AccessIDs, you can protect against typos in the respondent email address submissions by using the Qualtrics SSO Authenticator.

The SSO Authenticator asks the respondent to log in to a survey using their WSU AccessID on a secure Wayne State website. After successfully authenticating, the respondent's AccessID then becomes part of the response data set (note that passwords are NOT captured).

After your survey is complete, you can cross-reference the AccessID against Banner data to add demographic attributes (ex. name, academic major, job class, preferred email address, etc.) to the response data set.

Figure 1 shows the settings for the CAS-based option of the Qualtrics SSO Authenticator feature on a survey using the Anonymous Link distribution.


  • The only data that the SSO Authenticator can pull into the response data set is the AccessID.
  • The SSO Authenticator should be first in the Survey Flow.
  • The Preview Survey option will not invoke the SSO. To test the settings, use the anonymous survey link and then delete the result.

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