Creating and using a Qualtrics User Group

If you are working with Wayne State colleagues on multiple Qualtrics survey projects, then a Qualtrics User Group is a terrific way for your team to manage the components and administration of your surveys.

Each Qualtrics User Group has its own Library, where members can store master copies of questions, blocks of questions, complete surveys, graphic images, files, contact lists, and messages for respondents. The items in a Group Library serve as reference material, enabling Group members to use the content as templates when building and administering surveys.

Good to know about Qualtrics User Groups:

  • Individuals must have an active WSU Qualtrics account to become a member of a Group.
  • Group members can have access permissions or restrictions that are specific to their role.
  • Shared surveys, graphic images, files, and messages are in the Library menu.
  • Shared contact lists are in the Contacts menu.
  • The Qualtrics support website has links to detailed instructions about sharing various types of content with a Group.
  • The Collaborate feature is similar but different from a User Group. Although Collaborate allows sharing Qualtrics content with colleagues, it is strictly for sharing a single survey project. Note that the Collaborate feature does not create a shared content Library or Contact List folder.

Wayne State Qualtrics Brand Administrators create or modify User Groups upon request from WSU students, faculty, and staff. Just complete the Qualtrics User Group request form and allow one business day for the team to respond to your request.