How do I enable or disable Echo360 course section features?

The Features tab of the Settings page for a section provides the ability for instructors to enable or disable certain features surrounding the content they post to classes.


Instructors can choose:


  • Whether users can post questions and responses (Q&A) for the section.
  • Whether users can download class content locally. Disabling the course downloads feature applies to ALL CLASS CONTENT across the section as a whole, and applies to ALL USERS (i.e., all students and instructors, including YOU).
  • Whether other instructors can edit the content published to classes. This option is only editable by the primary instructor for a section.
  • Whether or not to delay the availability of video for students until after closed captions are applied.
  • To clone the current section into a new term and/or course.



Follow the steps below to manage course section features.


  1. Log in to Echo360.
  2. Select the desired course from the Courses tab.
  3. Navigate to the Settings tab for the course.
  4. Select Features from the left side of the tab.
  5. Select the desired option and follow screen prompts.


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