How do I download and use Echo360 Personal Capture?

Personal Capture (PCAP) software allows you to record desktop presentations from your own personal computer at any time or place. PCAP recordings are stored on your personal computer but can be published to your Canvas course to allow student viewing.


Follow the steps below to access and use Personal Capture.


  1. Fill out and submit a Request to use Echo360 services form.
  2. Go to the course and click Echo360 Recordings in the Navigation Panel.
  3. Log in to Echo360.
  4. Download the desired Echo360 Personal Capture software.
  5. Install PCAP software on your office or home computer.
  6. Record PCAP lectures using audio, desktop presentations and webcam video from your computer.
  7. Publish PCAP recordings to your Echo360 Library or Canvas course.


How do I download Echo360 Personal Capture software?


Before downloading or using Personal Capture (PCAP) software, you must:


  1. Submit a Request to use Echo360 services for the course(s) you're teaching.
  2. Make the Echo360 Cloud link available for each Canvas course where you want students to access Echo360 recordings.


Follow the steps below to download PCAP software.


  1. Log in to Echo360.
  2. Click the Gear Icon in the top right corner to expose the Settings menu.
  3. Click the Downloads link. PIC3
  4. Select the appropriate link to download the desired Mac or Windows version of PCAP software.


Review Personal Capture specifications to be sure the computer you are using meets the minimum system requirements.


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