How can I distribute Qualtrics survey invitations?

There are two basic methods to distribute survey invitations with Qualtrics:


Method #1: using the Qualtrics mailer to reach a specific group of individuals via email or text message.


  • Using this method, you can track each invitation's completion status, and send reminders to the incompletes.
  • You will need to create or upload a Contact List using valid email addresses or mobile numbers.
  • Students, faculty and staff can use Email Distributions, which are subject to some volume limitations. Note that Qualtrics limits the number of emails that anyone can send. If you need to email more than 10,000 survey invitations during a one-week period, submit Qualtrics general inquiry form and C&IT will request clearance from Qualtrics. Be sure to include the following information on the request form:
    • The number of people in your target audience
    • The schedule for sending the email invitations and reminders
    • The respondent base for these messages (students, alumni, subgroups of the general population, etc.)
  • If you have an university-affiliated research project and a list of mobile phone numbers, you can potentially use the SMS Distributions feature within Qualtrics.
    • Submit Qualtrics general inquiry form with high-level details about your research project.
    • C&IT will review and respond to your request within 2 business days.



Method #2: sharing an anonymous link to reach a broad group of individuals on social media, a website, or your personal email account.


  • You cannot track completion status using this method.
  • Simply copy the anonymous link and post it on your website -- or in an Academica stream.
  • Use your Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit or Twitter account to post the anonymous survey link.
  • You can also send anonymous links from a non-Qualtrics email account, like Wayne State's Microsoft 365 email system -- useful if you are authorized to send a survey to a Wayne State bulk email list.
  • QR codes for anonymous links are also available.



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