How do I write posts in Academica and send them to the right people?

Follow the steps below to write a new post on Academica.

  • Go to and log in with your AccessID and password.
  • Click New Post in the top right of your stream feed on the Academica homepage.
  • A dropdown menu will expose three options: Simple, Advanced, and if you have the authorization, Promotional.

  • The Create New Post form will pop up. Type your message and fill out the appropriate fields.

  • Click Post in the bottom right corner of the message form.

Simple posts

All posts have two basic fields: To and Message.

  • To: Choose the stream you want your message to post to. The default choice is My Followers and will post to your personal stream. If you subscribe to or favor authorship to other streams, they will be listed here too. You may choose a stream from the dropdown menu or typing it in the field.
  • Message: Write your message. You may use the buttons above the message field to format your message.

Advanced posts

An Advanced post will include these options and more. With an Advanced post, you may post on behalf of any stream that you are Moderator of. Under that option, you will see the the To and Message fields as well as Post on Behalf of. The Post on Behalf of field is a dropdown menu that includes a list of all streams that you have moderator access to.

This option is available to all users on Academica.

Promotional posts

A Promotional post will allow you to post on behalf of any streams that you are the Moderator of, choose to Disable Comments and choose a specific Audience to post to (e.g. Alumni, Employee, Student, Faculty, Applicant

and more).

  • A Promotional post may only be made by select users. Speak with a supervisor to request this permission.
  • Promotional posts are based on a coin system called Academicoin.
  • Learn how to format and share a promotional post.

Posts to multiple channels

1. Ask for or have someone transfer "Academicoins" to the account you would like to post from.

2. If you are sending the same message to multiple channels, request or create a specific URL to view traffic originating from Academica, so it is separate from the traffic of other channels.

If the link(s) you are posting go to a page with Google Analytics, it is best to add "utm" parameters to the end of your URL to track which campaigns, mediums, and sources are sending traffic to your site or landing page.

Google provides a tool to add these parameters to any URL:

  • Campaign is the overarching name for a bundle of ULRs. Example "Faculty who do" "Chicago recruitment"
  • Medium is the medium, Example "Digital Signage", "Poster", "Academica"
  • Source is the item this is attached to, "link" should be used for the link-based posts, but it could be "ad" or "button"


  • utm_source=link
  • utm_medium=Academica
  • utm_campaign=Commencement

3. Creating a new post

  • Select the promotional tab
  • Choose your audience
  • Determine who the post should be on behalf of
  • Add subject, upload image, and include a description
    • There is no option to add alternate text for accessibility, so for those images that do have text, be sure to also include real text in the description.
  • Preview message and post when final