Reporting/Business Intelligence

The mission of the Business Analysis and Reporting Team (BART) in the Enterprise Applications Department of C&IT is to provide world-class information delivery for use in operational, tactical and strategic reporting and analysis at Wayne State University. Wayne State uses three primary tools: Cognos, the Operational Data Store (ODS) and the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Cognos allows for users to build and view reports based on information stored and analyzed within the ODS and the EDW.

To access the Reporting and Analytics forms, click the button below and select the Reporting and Analytics tab.

Reporting/Business Intelligence

  • How do I create a report view in Cognos?

    Follow the steps below to set saved parameters or settings for your reports in Cognos. 1. Go to Team Content and find the report you want. EX: FINANCE >STANDARD CERTIFIED REPORTS>FMS001A- Chart of Indexes by Index within SCD 2. Run the report ...

  • What is the Operational Data Store (ODS) and how do I use it?

    The Operational Data Store (ODS) is a relational database that provides an extensive and flexible data store and a number of business organized reporting views that allow users to produce transaction and management-level decision reports. To gain acc...

  • How do I use Cognos Analytics? (Job Aids)

    These tutorials assist in using Cognos Analytics version 11, the Business Intelligence and Reporting system at Wayne State University. You have the ability to stop/pause, rewind and fast forward the video using the control panel at the bottom of the ...

  • Is there documentation for Cognos?

    Find available Cognos documentation below.Commonly used functions: AnalyticsCognos users:Cognos Analytics Consumer User Guide - An Introduction to Navigation in Cognos AnalyticsGetting Started User GuideNew...

  • Is there documentation for Operational Data Store (ODS)?

    Find all of the available Operational Document Store (ODS) documentation below. ODS 8.5 User GuideODS 8.5 Release Guide