How do I use Cognos Analytics? (Job Aids)

 These tutorials assist in using Cognos Analytics version 11, the Business Intelligence and Reporting system at Wayne State University. You have the ability to stop/pause, rewind and fast forward the video using the control panel at the bottom of the video screen.



Job Aid

Video Content

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How to Log In and Log Out

Describes the multiple methods used to log in to Cognos.


Portal Page

Illustrates the Portal Page, also known as the WSU Main Portal Page or the Welcome Portal.


How to Search for Content

Describes the various ways users may search Cognos content like reports and dashboards.


How to Use and Navigate Folders


Describes how to create, rename, copy or move folders.


How to Execute a Report

Describes how to run a report.


How to Create a Report View

Describes why and how views are created.


How to Subscribe to a Report

Describes why and how users may subscribe to reports.


 How to Schedule a Report

Describes how to schedule a report from a report view.


My Schedule and Subscriptions

Describes how to modify or preview a summary

of your schedules.