How do I create a report view with saved parameters in Cognos?

Follow the steps below to set saved parameters or settings for your reports in Cognos.

  1. Go to Public Folders and find the report you want.
  2. Under Actions on the same line as the report you want, click on the Report View Icon (looks like a window) to which the roll over says Create a report view of this report.
  3. The Report View screen will now appear. You may change the name of the report to include your parameters that you are using (or leave the default report name).
    • You may choose to provide a description that will appear when you are in Detail View on the Page Tab or leave it blank.
    • You may choose to provide a screen tip that will appear as a roll over when you move your mouse cursor over the Entry Icon in your My Folders or leave it blank.
    • Make sure the radio button for My Folders is clicked.
    • Click Finish.
  4. Go to My Folders and find the Report View you just saved (if you don't see it, click the Refresh Icon from the Page Tool Bar).
  5. Under Actions on the same line as the Report View you just saved, click on the Set Properties Icon (this is the first icon which looks like a finger pointing to a report) to which the roll over text says Set properties.
    • The Set Properties screen will appear. Go to the Run Options Tab in the middle. 
      • Additional Feature: You may specify the Format in which you want the Report View to always run by clicking in the Format Box and then clicking the down arrow next to HTML and then clicking on the Format you want.
    • Go down to Prompt Values and click Set the prompt values.
    • The parameters for that report come up. Set the values you want in the prompts.
    • Click Finish.
  6. You then return to the Run Options Tab. If you want ALL your parameters to remain the same each time you run this report, go down to Prompt for values and click in the box to uncheck it. Now, when you run this Report View the parameter screen will NOT come up and your report will just run. (If you want the ability to change one or more of the parameters when you run this Report View, leave the box in front of Prompt for values checked. At this point, when you run the Report View, the parameter screen will come up with your saved parameter preferences highlighted. You have the opportunity to make any changes [additions/deletions] to your parameter selections.)
  7. Click OK.

You now have a report (Report View) that you can run all the time in your My Folders without having to change the parameters.