How do I embed images and use rich text in Academica posts and messages?

Posts in Academica may be made more dynamic and interesting with the addition of Rich Text and other customizations. Take your text and bold it, italicize it, underline it, create bulleted or numbered lists, insert images and videos, include links and more.




For basic formatting, Academica includes text format buttons.

Academica also utilizes the popular formatting syntax Markdown. Basic Markdown allows you to easily bold or italicize text and add hyperlinks. There is also other custom formatting available.


  • Bold text: To bold selected text bookend it in asterisks. For example: *bold* = bold.
  • Italic text: To italicize selected text bookend it in double asterisks. For example: **italic** = italic.
  • Bulleted Lists: To make a bulleted list, make a list with asterisks for the bullets and Academica will format it correctly. There must be a space between the asterisk and your content.
    • For example:


 will read:


  • Numbered Lists: To create a numbered list, just make your lists with the proper numbers and Academica will format it correctly.
    • For example:


1. Item one


2. Item two


3. Item three


  • Links: You may post links in Academica in three different ways. You can either copy and paste the URL, use the Add Link button or you can add a Hyperlink to specific text. To add a link to text, write the selected text between brackets followed by the URL in parenthesis.
    • For example: [C&IT](



  • Images: To embed a photo, type an exclamation point followed by a one or two-word description in brackets and then the image URL in parenthesis.
    • For example: ![image description]( You may also utilize the Photo button to embed a picture.



  • Videos: To imbed a video in Academica, copy and paste the Video URL directly into your post. Academica will automatically show the preview in your message. This works with Youtube, Vimeo and other web video players.


  • LaTeX: LaTeX is a typesetting language heavily used in fields like mathematics, physics and computer science. LaTeX allows for powerful mathematical notations to be typed and formatted. Learn more here. To use LaTeX, bookend your equation with [math] [/math]. You may also align the equation by typing Right or Center after Math.
    • For example: [math]x^2[/math].