What is a Guest AccessID and how do I create one?

A Guest AccessID is issued to select non-Wayne State University persons who require short-term access to WSU systems and services to directly benefit academic or administrative WSU activities.

Guest AccessIDs are available to employees not paid by the university, employees in the University Physicians Group, short-term contractors, conference attendees, and other select guests.

All Guest AccessID requests must be filled out by a full-time Wayne State paid employee. If you are seeking Guest access for yourself, you must have a full-time Wayne State paid employee fill out the form on your behalf. For continuous access, the Guest AccessIDs require a yearly renewal; Guest and Requester are notified a month prior to the expiration date.

Guest AccessIDs provide access to:

  • Wayne State email
  • Academica
  • VPN

How to get a Guest ID

Sponsors can follow the instructions in the form below. Typical response time is within two business days, assuming the sponsor has approved this request (if applicable).

Sponsors can also request bulk guest AccessIDs. Before you submit the request, please upload your information in this template and save it as a .csv file. Not following this template could cause delays in AccessID creation.

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