How do I use hashtags and mentions in Academica?

Academica users may draw more attention to your posts by utilizing Mentions or Hashtags.




Mentions are a way to tag other users in a post. This method is similar to that utilized on other social networks. To create a Mention, use the @ symbol followed by the user's name or AccessID number. When you start typing the user's credentials, a dropdown list will pop up with any users that match your input. Choose the person(s) you want to notify of your message. The mention will include both the users first and last name, but you can delete the last name and the mention will remain intact. When you use a Mention, a notification will be sent to the user to tagged.


  • For example: @gd5555 or @John Doe




Mentions also allow you to create an alias or a Nickname. This function is useful if you are mentioning the same users regularly. Nicknames can be set up by using the @ symbol followed by the desired nickname, the = symbol and the users AccessID number.


  • For example: Create the nickname @John for user Johnathan Doe by typing @John=JD1234.


Once you create a nickname, you can use that Shortcut in the future. So after creating the nickname @John, you can use it in the future and it will tag user JD1234.


The nicknames you create are unique to your account. You can find any user's AccessID in the Wayne State University Directory. All AccessIDs are two letters and four numbers.




Hashtags can also be used in Academica like they are on other forms of social media. Tagging a keyword or phrase will highlight it in your post, and allow you and other users to search Academica for that term. Using a Hashtag in your post will turn that word or phrase into a link that, when clicked on, will list other instances the same hashtag has been used on Academica. To write a hashtag, use the # symbol and then your word or phrase without spaces 


  • For example: #warriorstrong