What is AppWorx?

AppWorx (also known as Application Manager) is an administrative tool with which users may manage process-dependent scheduling.


Administrative systems user


  • Schedule and run predefined modules (programs) or chains (groups of programs) that perform data manipulation in a specific order.
  • Submit multiple requests.
  • Review module output, check error messages and make scheduling changes.
  • Easily check where jobs are in the queue.
  • Change run-time settings via an Operator request if needed.
  • Provide a historical record of batch executions for two years.




  • Automate the scheduling of processes (modules) by combining the the requests for multiple processes into a single request-able unit (chain).
  • Provide automated and/or manual parameter settings for modules.
  • Pre-schedule modules and/or chains based upon calendars.
  • Pre-schedule modules and/or chains to run at regular internals.
  • Schedule the execution of modules and/or chains based upon the existence of data.
  • Setup parameter validation so job parameters can be validated at the time of submission in stead of at the time of execution.
  • Submit multiple requests or set up a job stream for overnight processing.
  • Check error codes and dynamically change the execution of processes.
  • Set and enforce complex dependencies between modules and/or chains.


Typically, an administrative system data owner works with their C&IT developers to create and schedule modules and chains.


In order to use AppWorx you need:


  • Your AccessID.
  • Your AccessID password.
  • To request access to AppWorx through a management level staff member. Send an email to [apptech@lists.wayne.edu](mailto:apptech@lists.wayne.edu) or call 313-577-4758.
  • An Appworx Client installed on your desktop.




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