What do I do if I get a Web Time Entry (WTE) error?

The following are all possible web time entry (WTE) errors and what they mean. ??

The majority of errors encountered in WTE are due to improperly creating/maintaining approval routing queues in Banner. Each S/C/D is responsible for maintaining its own Routing Queues for each Timesheet Organization (TSO). The SuperUser for each TSO is responsible for setting up and maintaining the Routing Queues. The most common errors occur on Banner Forms NTRRQUE (Routing Queue Rules) and/or NBAJQUE (Override Approvals Queue).

??Please note, if an employee cannot access their timesheet, they must contact the WTE SuperUser in their area for assistance. It is the Superuser’s responsibility to provide Tier 1 and 2 technical support and troubleshooting for employees within their organization. Typically, the WTE Superuser will be the Business Affairs Officer (BAO) for that School/College/Division (S/C/D).

Error messages

"Timesheet records could not be retrieved"

  • Problem: Occurs when the Routing Queue Rules (NTRRQUE) have not been established.
  • Solution: Superuser must establish a Routing Queue for the TSO on NTRRQUE.

"Contact your Webtime Entry administrator for assistance"

  • Problem: The approver listed on NTRRQUE and/or NBAJQUE has one or more problems associated with their security access or could have issues related to numbers 4-5 below.
  • Solution: Verify that the approver has the appropriate security access to act as a WTE approver. Approvers must have security access defined for each TSO they are responsible to approve.

"Approval not allowed"

  • Problem: This error occurs when the Superuser/approver attempts to approve a timesheet twice, either intentional or unintentionally, or double-clicks the approve button (or using the back button in the browser window).
  • Solution: Verify that the timesheet status is approved. No further action is needed.

The incumbent field indicates **MULTIPLE**

  • Problem: The Incumbent position is a pooled position (e.g. XM position).
  • Solution: Replace the incumbent position with an approver with a non-pooled position or do a manual override (NBAJQUE) for each employee in the TSO by using the Banner IS in the approver field. Note: The latter is very time-consuming based on the number of employees assigned to the TSO.

The incumbent field indicates **VACANT**

  • Problem: The position listed on NTRRQUE is no longer an active position (e.g. the approver has been terminated, has a new position number due to a job change, or is on leave).
  • Solution: Update the NTRRQUE with the correct approver position number.

Superuser/approver cannot see a TSO listed under the department drop-down list when attempting to access timesheets

  • Problem: No employees within the TSO have accessed their timesheet. At least one employee within the TSO must access their timesheet in order for the TSO to appear under the department drop-down list.
  • Solution: If prior to 5 p.m., submission deadline, ask an employee to access their timesheet for the pay period. If the submission deadline has passed, have the superuser use the default ALL value in the department drop-down list to see a listing of all employee timesheets for all TSOs they have access to. The superuser must extract at least one timesheet in a TSO for the TSO to appear in the department drop-down list.
  • Problem: The approver listed on NTRRQUE was changed during the pay period and the employee timesheets accessed/submitted prior to the change are currently in the previous incumbent's approval queue.
  • Solution: Have Superuser re-submit the timesheets. Employee timesheets will be rerouted to the new approver's approval queue.