How do I join a LISTSERV list?

Follow the steps below to join a LISTSERV list.


How to use the web interface method


  • Go to the Archives Index page at
  • Find the desired list in the index and click its name.
  • If the list is not in the index, it is confidential. To access it, click unlisted archive form at the top of the page and then type the list name in the space provided.
  • On the list archive page, click Join or Leave and follow the displayed instructions.
  • If there is no Join or Leave option, the list is closed and only the list owner may add new subscribers.


How to use the command method


  • Send an email to that says, "command subscribe listname your name," using the name of the list you wish to join and your full name (Listserv pulls your email address from the message).
    • E.g.: command subscriber currentstudents John Smith.


Note: A common problem when trying to send to a list or leave a list is sending from an email address that is different from the one you used to subscribe. Check the to field to be sure that you are sending your email from the address to which the emails you receive are addressed.