When should I use Bulk Email?

Appropriate content for a bulk email/eblast

A Wayne State University Bulk Email message or an email blast is most appropriately used for communicating:

  • Non-emergency messages related to WSU activities, programs or business.
  • Time-sensitive WSU information or issues.
  • Notices to a pre-selected group of a WSU event or activity related to their role.

Advantages and disadvantages of a WSU bulk email/eblast


  • You can reach a target WSU audience (pre-defined by role).
  • The Bulk Email Lists that C&IT maintains (and updates daily) are predefined, so you don't have to create the list yourself.
  • Plain text, basic formatting or HTML coding can be used, as well as links to graphics and files on a web server.
  • Each group email distribution uses a specific Reply To address, so the sender receives questions and concerns about the message topic directly.


  • Pre-authorization and management approval are required.
  • Individuals who receive WSU Bulk Emails cannot be removed from or opt out of a list (alternatively, you may create a rule to sort them).

Note: The content of any Bulk Email must be in accordance with WSU's policy on the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.