How do I use my firstname.lastname email address?

The firstname.lastname email address is a unique option that has been automatically assigned to each person at Wayne State University. It consists of your legal first name, a period and your legal last name (e.g., If more than one individual has the same name, a number is appended (e.g., You may choose to use this email address, a custom Email Name or your AccessID email address and switch between the three at any time.

Read the following FAQs to learn more about firstname.lastname email addresses.

How do I use my firstname.lastname email address as my preferred email address?

Anybody may send email to your firstname.lastname email address without any set up on your part. If you have your AccessID or your custom Email Name set as your default email address and wish to switch to your firstname.lastname email address, follow the below instructions.

1. Log in to Academica and choose the Account Management option from the Users/Settings icon (the silhouette) in the upper-right.

2. On the sidebar click Select Preferred Email Address.

3. Select your firstname.lastname email address.

4. Click OK and close the window.

How does WSU use firstname.lastname?

WSU uses firstname.lastname to provide a standard email address that is easily recognizable. The firstname.lastname identifier will display in WSU email headers, directory searches and can be used in LISTSERV list subscriptions.

Note that your firstname.lastname email address is an additional address, not a separate mail account. It will not alter your use of other WSU email addresses in any way. All email sent to this new address will be delivered to your current WSU email account.

Can I use my firstname.lastname to log in to WSU systems and services like Wayne Connect, Academica, etc.?

No. Your firstname.lastname is used only for the purposes of email creation and delivery.

I don't like my firstname.lastname assignment. Can I change it?

You cannot change the firstname.lastname that is assigned to you by the system.

However, you may create a Personalized Email Name. Unlike your firstname.lastname assignment, you have complete control over your WSU Personalized Email Name. You may change your Email Name at any time in Wayne Connect by clicking on Account Management.

If my name changes, will I lose my firstname.lastname email address?

No. Once you have been assigned a firstname.lastname email address, it is yours for life. If your legal name changes, a new firstname.lastname identifier will be created automatically, in addition to your other email addresses.

Do I have to use firstname.lastname in my preferred email address?

WSU students, faculty and staff are highly encouraged to use their firstname.lastname email address. This email address is more personable and improves the ability to communicate via email. This is an additional email address, not a replacement. You may keep your current WSU email settings or choose from any of the following: firstname.lastname , your Personalized Email Name or your AccessID.

Will my LISTSERV subscriptions be affected by this firstname.lastname email address?

LISTSERV email delivery to you will not be affected. However, changing your preferred email address may affect your being able to send email to your LISTSERV lists (depending on how you are subscribed). Learn more on the C&IT Knowledge Base.

If I choose my firstname.lastname email address as my preferred, will it affect all email clients?

No, you will have to change such settings manually if you would like them to reflect your preferred outgoing email address.

I requested anonymity in the WSU Directory (students only), will my firstname.lastname email address be visible?

In accordance with FERPA, WSU will not assign a firstname.lastname directory attribute for students who have requested anonymity (using the "Release of Directory Information" form available from Student Records). For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Education website.