How do I use the Global Address List (GAL)?

The Global Address List (GAL) includes the email addresses of all Wayne State University employees, faculty and staff with email access. Students may request to remove their information from public listings.


Automatic address completion


The autocomplete feature suggests names as you type directly into the To, Cc and Bcc boxes of a new message. A list of possible addresses from your contacts list or the Global Address List that start with the text you typed is displayed.


As you continue to type into the To: field, the list of matching addresses will become smaller, as fewer matches are available. The list disappears if there are no more matches.


  • Example: Suppose you wanted to send an email message to David Brinks, whose email address happens to be As soon as you typed the first d into the address field, a list appears showing all possible matches, with the matching portions highlighted. In this case, it may display:
    • Dale Edwards <>
    • David Brinks <>
    • Erica Dodd <>




The autocomplete feature matches the text you type against the following parts

of a contact:


 1. First name

 2. Last name

 3. Email address


Matching is always done against the beginning of the field. The text r;bob will match r;bob smith but not r;billybob smith.


Using autocomplete


Once your text matches one or more of your contacts, the matches are displayed in a list below the field you are currently editing. By default, the first match is highlighted.


The names are displayed in a ranking order; contacts that you have sent email to are rated above contacts that you have not sent or infrequently send email to. That is, the most frequently recalled contact is listed at the top. If you do not like the contact name always listed at the top, you can click Forget and the contact is re-ranked to a lower position.


Several keys you may type trigger special behavior. The mouse may also be used to select a match.


  • The comma (,) , semicolon (;), Return/Enter and Tab keys all trigger completion. The text you have typed will be replaced by the currently selected match.
  • Clicking the ESC key hides the list.
  • The up and down arrow keys change the selection in the list. Moving the mouse cursor over the list also changes the selection.
  • Clicking the mouse on a match selects it for completion.


The fact that a single key (such as semicolon) causes completion can be used to quickly enter addresses. If you know a few characters that will cause a certain contact to be the first match, you can type those characters and then

a semicolon, and that contact's address will appear. For example, if you know that r; db results in a first match of David Brinks, type r; db; and the full address r;David Brinks <> will appear in the address box.


Note: Autocomplete is available in other applications (for example, in adding attendees to a calendar appointment) and behaves in the same manner.