How can I access my department's W: drive from my personal device?

Many departments use the W: drive to store important files. If you are a Campus and Classroom Technology Services (CCTS) user, your personal files are also saved to a server. If you are working remotely, it is possible to access these files from your personal device.

Note: You must be connected to the VPN to access the W: drive remotely. Follow these steps to connect at

1. Open File Explorer.

2. Click on This PC.

3. Click on Map Network drive.

4. A new window will open. Type the path \\\departments in the folder section (to connect to your personal document folder, type in \\\users instead).

5. Select Connect using different credentials. The letter beside the word Drive this is what letter your computer will assign to the drive when it connects.

6. Click Finish.

7. Another window will open, asking for username and password. For your username, type in: ad\AccessID (ad\ab1234). Type your AccessID password. You will now be able to see the shared drive in File Explorer.