What is the Departmental Shared Drive Access Portal, and who can use it?

The Wayne State University Departmental Shared Drive Access Portal allows users to manage access to their W: drive or departmental shared files and/or drives stored on Wayne State servers via self-service.

The tools provided in the access portal allow users to view access reports, grant access to new users, or modify existing user access. Although individual access permission reports are available to everyone, changes to shared department resources can only be made by directors, business managers, or delegated personnel.

The self-service portal is accessible on campus and remotely. Remote users must connect to the WSU network via VPN to access the self-service portal.

To access the portal, visit the Departmental Shared Drive Access Portal and sign in with your Wayne State email address and password.

Learn more about departmental shared folders and drives at kb.wayne.edu/857

Learn more about connecting to WSU VPN at

WSU Virtual Private Network - C&IT Knowledge Base