What is PatchMyPC and how do I update my university-managed Windows computer?

C&IT uses PatchMyPC to manage and update all third-party applications on university-managed Windows computers—or applications used by Wayne State that do not come with the computer itself or its original operating system.  

This ensures that all applications on university-managed computers (and other devices) that are used for Wayne State administration and business use the most current version to avoid potential and known vulnerabilities. 

This includes over 160 applications, and each computer is different—PatchMyPC individually evaluates each Windows computer to identify installed software that is not in compliance.


Employee action for updates 


The majority of applications are updated automatically without requiring any action from users. However, certain updates may require the corresponding application to be closed for a successful update. In such instances, users will receive notifications and can choose to delay the update for up to one hour, with the ability to do this up to five times. Once the maximum number of deferrals is reached, the application will automatically close and proceed with the required update. If a user is not on-campus or using the impacted machine on the date of the update, the update will be made the next time the computer is powered on and the user logs in. 




How often are patches applied to managed computers?  


Updates are applied in accordance with the monthly update cycle. For the early update group, updates are scheduled on the first Friday following the second Tuesday of every month. For most managed computers, updates are scheduled on the second Friday following the second Tuesday. 


How do I manually install updates?   


Users can manually install all deployed third-party application updates from the Update section in Software Center. 


How long do updates take?  


Most updates are completed within a few minutes. However, updates to larger and more complex applications like AutoCAD may take significantly longer. 

What applications are managed by PatchMyPc?


See https://patchmypc.com/supported-products for the list of managed software.


Is a reboot required? 


Third-party application updates do not require a reboot.