How do I request a loaner laptop for university international travel?

Wayne State offers specially configured loaner laptops to mitigate cybersecurity risks during international travel. Using these loaner laptops or tablets provides travelers with necessary applications and information while minimizing cybersecurity threats. Employees must adhere to university policy 16-2 International Travel.

Request a loaner laptop

Current university faculty, staff, and student employees traveling internationally for university-sponsored activities are eligible. Personal travel does not qualify for equipment borrowing from this program.

Borrowing a laptop or tablet is free of charge. However, travelers are accountable for any damage or loss incurred during their use.

Available devices include Dell Latitude 14 or 15 inch laptops, tablets, and iPads offered when possible.

Loaner laptops come pre-loaded with standard university software for business operations. Additional software can be installed upon request, such as VPN or project-specific tools. These laptops are configured for security and convenience but are not meant to replace regular, daily-use laptops. A local account is created for user login.

Devices can be borrowed for up to two weeks, with exceptions considered based on availability and individual cases. Please note that there will be limited support during travel due to network and local environmental conditions and it is recommended to reserve equipment at least two weeks in advance and pick it up a few days early to familiarize yourself with the device and install the necessary software.

Upon return
For security, loaner laptops and tablets are wiped, reformatted, and re-imaged immediately upon return. Travelers must transfer all data to their own devices before returning the equipment. Any remaining data will be irretrievably destroyed. C&IT is not liable for lost data.