What are the latest changes to SPSS at Wayne State?

SPSS for Students is now available as a self service download (free) through the C&IT Help Desk store at commerce.wayne.edu/helpdesk.


We've updated our process to allow those with student only (not employee) status 24/7 instant access to download the software through our online store. If you are only a student (e.g. not faculty or staff) please do not complete the SPSS Employee/Student Exception Form as this is only for those with dual statuses (e.g. student/faculty, student/staff.)


How to download new licenses, renew existing licenses


Obtaining the latest product will have the latest activation code that can then be applied using the included renewal instructions.


  1. Go to commerce.wayne.edu/helpdesk.
  2. Log in with your AccessID and password and click the Student Software tab.
  3. Select the SPSS category from the left-hand list and select the SPSS product.
  4. Add it to your shopping cart with your course number and description of use.
  5. Complete the order by selecting checkout in the upper right-hand corner.


Once completed, SPSS for Students will be available through the My Downloads link in the upper right-hand corner. If you are renewing the software from last year, you will need to complete the same process and use the latest activation code available in the Product Key & Installation Instructions PDF download located in the My Downloads section. The actual software will be available with these downloads as well.


SPSS for Students is exclusively available for free to enrolled students for academic use only on a personally owned computer and may not be installed on University owned computers.


Note: If you are an employee of the university with student status (e.g. faculty/student or staff/student) you will need to be manually verified before you are able to view and download SPSS for Students through our online store by completing the SPSS Employee/Student Exception Form. Learn more at tech.wayne.edu/kb/284923.