VMware Horizon client: How do I access my flash drive and/or shared folder(s) in my Linux VM?

Follow the steps below to access your flash drive or shared folders in Linux VM with the WMware Horizon client.

NOTE: Access to local drives is ONLY possible from the VMware Horizon client, not the HTML access portal.

  • Once logged into the VDI client (do not access a virtual machine yet), open the settings gear (upper right-hand corner).
  • Navigate to Sharing (left pane).
  • Check the box Allow access to removable storage.
  • If you want to share a folder, click Add and select the folder you would like to share with the virtual machine, and click OK.
  • Connect to your Linux VM.
    • To access the shared folder from Ubuntu:
    • Click Places.
    • Click the tsclient folder.
    • To access the shared folder from CentOS:
    • Open Dolphin.
    • Open the tsclient folder.