HPC Grid Tutorial: How to Retrieve Files from the pNFS Snapshot

Follow these steps to recover files using your pNFS snapshot. 

Watch the video tutorial here!

1. Log on to the Grid. 

2. In this example there is a directory that was accidentally deleted called 'namdtutorial'.

Example: ls -l 

We do not see that directory in the home directory. 

3. The snapshots are found in the volumes in /wsu/home . The directory after that corresponds to the first two letters of one's AccessID. Within that directory is the ".snapshot" directory. 

Type: cd ~/.snapshot

List the contents of the directory: ls

In the example shown there are days worth of snapshots are listed.

4. We will see if one of the snapshots has the deleted file that we want to restore.

Example: cd 2019.

List the items in the directory: ls 

The directory that we want to restore, namdtutorial, is in this snapshot.

5. Copy the file to your home directory.

Example: cp -R namdtutorial/ ~

6. Go to your home directory by typing: cd 

List the contents to make sure that the file is there: ls -l

Your file has been restored.