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These resources have been compiled to help faculty access our High Performance Computing services, as well as technology specifications for grant and research proposals. 

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PI Resources

  • HPC Grid Policies

    This knowledge article outlines policies to be familiar with before using the Grid.

  • How do I purchase equipment for the Grid?

    This knowledge article gives information regarding purchasing equipment for the Grid.

  • School / College / Division Consulting

    The High-Performance Computing Services team provides consulting services to Schools, Colleges, and Divisions at Wayne State University in computing solutions, equipment purchase, grant applications, cloud services and national platforms.

  • What specialized IT information can I include in my grant proposal?

    Your grant proposal may include information about the Wayne State University Grid, the Researcher's Dashboard, and the available research networks. Summaries of each service are included below, with links to full descriptions and further information. For personal assistance, please contact Patrick Gossman.

  • What is the Researcher's Dashboard and how do I use it?

    Researcher's Dashboard is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that streamlines and enhances the pre-award and post-award grant processes for both researchers and administrators, providing a secure, easily accessible gateway to researchers' proposal and...

  • What is a Research Network and what do I have access to at Wayne State?

    Wayne State University has access to two advanced research networks: Internet2 and Michigan LambdaRail. These networks enable high-speed collaboration and networking throughout the global academic community. C&IT has also created the Science DMZ ...

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions

  • What software is available for the Grid?

    The Grid team can assist you with the installation of needed open source or licensed software and can offer basic support to get you or your group working.

  • Hosting Virtual Machines

    The HPC Services Department is now providing Windows and Linux Virtual Machines as a service for our users. This fulfills the needs of users that require admin privileges and wish to administer their own equipment with these operating systems. To tak...