Hosting Virtual Machines

The HPC Services Department is now providing Windows and Linux Virtual Machines as a service for our users. This fulfills the needs of users that require admin privileges and wish to administer their own equipment with these operating systems. To take advantage of this service, users must provide their own equipment.

Services the HPC Services Team provides to owners of VM equipment:

  • Consulting
  • Grant requests
  • Pricing and vendor negotiation
  • Implementation
  • Deployment of operating system (Windows or Linux)
  • Snapshots of systems

Items of note:

VMs will exist on a network that lies outside of the internal Grid and Big Data network. This means that authentication (globus, sftp, etc.) will be needed to access HPC storage devices.

The HPC Services Team will setup the OS but will not administer the machines once they have been deployed. The user will oversee installing software, updates to the OS, and debugging problems that may occur. Snapshots can be taken and served at stable points and it is recommended that this be done after major installs or configurations.

For more information about purchasing equipment please visit this page:

To purchase equipment, please fill out this form: Performance Computing&category=SCD Consulting&subcategory=Equipment purchase